Why you should choose Sophia Suites in Santorini for a luxurious vacation.

Besides Santorini’s architecture, the interesting design of the accommodations and the sense you get from the environment, these little white cave houses have a talented personnel that caters to your every need so you can enjoy the complete freedom to choose from various stimuli of the senses.


The essence of the luxurious success of Santorini, at least of the two spots in Caldera, Imerovigli and Oia, consists of the indisputable view, the classic luxury, the freedom of choice, the uniqueness of the location, the quest of the experience that is built interactively between the Greek island and your connection with the environment that hosts you.


All these images are tucked away in a corner of your mind but come back in the shape of memories drawn from your social media during the first cold autumn months: An incredible view combined with summer flower perfumes and exceptional wines from ancient varieties, with great rates worldwide, flood your mind with images.


The flavor of local products and beaches with the wildest shades of black, brown and red make you recollect these moments with sweet nostalgia.


Feel the influence of the volcanic island when you walk barefoot all over the island or on the screed of your suite with a glass of Mavrotragano, the superb local deep red wine. Create pottery on the traditional wheel using clay from the volcanic land of the island accompanied by the sounds of traditional Cycladic music.


Feel the energy when you are pleasantly surprised from the local cuisine, as you taste it on a catamaran hidden behind the new white volcano.


Feasts on the ancient paths together with wonderful groups of friends at daybreak find you barefoot sitting on your personal pool with a glass of Asyrtiko, the famous local white wine, just gazing at the sunrise.


You are in Santorini and time slowly unfolds…