Museum Tours

At a glance:

Tomato Museum
Akrotiri Excavation
Thira Odysseus
Duration 4,5 h.
Min pax. 2 Max. Pax 6
Includes: Hotel Pick up and drop off
All admission fees and entries
Price: 70pp semi-private, 250 private for 2p

The first stop will take you to the historical tomato factory that has been transformed into a modern Industrial Tomato Museum, offering its visitors a journey back to the industrial past of Santorini, by guiding them through the cultivation, processing and production of tomato. Given that tomato is one of the most famous and traditional products of Santorini, makes this experience a unique one. In the museum the visitor experiences all the traditional methods followed by the tomato producers of Santorini and at the same time, becomes acquainted with the museum exhibits.

These include a full range of the processing machinery dating back to 1890, hand-written account books of the plant, a variety of hand-written notebooks regarding various aspects of the factory, old tools, the first labels used, a dated history of the island of Santorini, its inhabitants and their unique tradition as well as audiovisual material with narrations of people who worked in the plant, witnessing their firsthand experiences of a by-gone industrial era.

Next stop is at Akrotiri, a Minoan Bronze Age settlement on the volcanic Greek island of Santorini. The settlement was destroyed in the Theran eruption sometime in the 16th century BC and buried in volcanic ash, which preserved the remains of fine frescoes and many objects and artworks.

Last stop will take you to the Museum of Prehistoric Thira in Fira that houses finds from the excavations at Akrotiri, conducted under the auspices of the Archeological Society at Athens, the earlier excavations at Potamos made by members of the German Archeological Institute at Athens, and rescue excavations at various other sites on the island, carried out by the 21st Ephorate of Antiquities for the Cyclades and Samos, as well as objects discovered fortuitously or handed over.